About Us

CfnAhtPW4AIqckP Stephan Neidenbach, Executive Director and Founder

Stephan is a middle school teacher, husband, and father living in Annapolis, MD. He holds a BS in business administration from Salisbury University and a MS in Instructional Technology from University of Maryland University College. Since 2015 Stephan has served as the DC chapter leader of March Against Myths About Modification. He started and runs the Facebook page We Love GMOs and Vaccines, follow him on twitter @welovegv.


13010789_1750375051866115_4823976984309390818_nNandu Nandini, Chief Editor

Nandu started her career as a Technical Writer in the software field. Her favorite topics of interests other than biotechnology and vaccines are, neuroscience and psychology. She enjoys listening to music from all cultures around the globe. She is an extrovert and loves to socialize. Her hobbies also include Latin dancing.





12961632_10103243250097691_1576702515111116831_nDr. Carol Lynn Curchoe, Author and Domestic Outreach Director

Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe is the founder of 32ATPs LLC, a biological energy development company and co-founder of EduPaper Products (STEAM Education). She is a biologist whose work has been published in Biology of Reproduction, Stem Cells, and The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and the former Utah State Science Advisor to the Governor. Dr. Curchoe’s interests include advocating for scientific literacy, travel, cooking, yoga, reading, and writing (both fiction and nonfiction).

12928202_924190871032101_7464233369559487787_nMarlo Asis, Author and International Outreach Director

Marshall Louie “Marlo” M. Asis is a broadcast Program Producer Announcer with the Philippines Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Information Division, and a 2015 Cornell Alliance for Science Global Leadership Fellow.


13010645_1539475579690592_8670276680388963929_nDavid Neff, National Capital Area Campaign Manager

David Neff is a biology major at CCBC in Baltimore, MD. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to classical music, reading, and composing music. David hopes to transfer to UMBC to continue pursuing a degree in biochemistry and ultimately attend medical school.


12986681_10154750773644951_370641610_oVeggieNinja23, Director of Social Media Engagement

VeggieNinja23 is a SoCal food safety manager currently working on his Master’s in Food Science. After getting his MS, he plans to apply to NASA’s astronaut program. His hobbies include motorcycles, science education, and DIY projects. Follow him on Twitter at @VeggieNinja23.



Several other wonderful people regularly contribute graphics to the Facebook page and help with local advocacy. They wish to remain anonymous for fear of personal attacks by the anti-biotech movement.