Why aren’t we allowed to criticize Trump for being anti-science?

After the election many conservatives took issue with our anti-Trump memes.

Since starting the Facebook page We Love GMOs and Vaccines back in early 2014 we have seen very steady growth. Only twice have we seen our page likes go down. The first is when we made a post in support of Planned Parenthood, and the second is after the election of Donald Trump.

In the case of Planned Parenthood I was not surprised. While I am personally pro-choice, I understand where the other side is coming from. They believe human life starts at conception. To them it isn’t about choice, but about human life. There just isn’t really any point in arguing over certain religion convictions. In their eyes I made a post in support of murderers.

In the case of Trump I was flummoxed. I run a page called We Love GMOs and Vaccines and we just elected a man as president that thinks vaccines cause autism and told Iowa voters during the primary that they had too much “Monsanto on the brain”.

I actually got rather accustomed to being accused of having a conservative slant. I don’t think corporations are inherently evil and making fun of Bernie Sanders became quite a fun hobby while he still had a shot at winning. For a while I even left Trump alone, thinking he didn’t have a chance.

What really amazed me was the attitude from the most vocal critics of the Sanders and Trump memes. Fans of Sanders that already like the page would typically say, “I agree with him on other issues, but not with GMOs.” Fans of Trump, on the other hand, got really nasty and left en masse.

It was this general attitude that caused me to become a Democrat. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, up until a few months ago I was a registered Republican.

I was raised by a father that was really into politics, and would involve me in a lot of it. He was a campaign manager for several Maryland Republicans running for state offices. One such man was Bob Kittleman. A farmer (I can still feel the electric fence I couldn’t quite get my legs over), he was what I thought Republicans were.

Active in the civil rights movement, Kittleman became the president of the Howard County branch of the NAACP. A white Republican farmer in the civil rights era being in the NAACP? I grew up with stories about rocks and bricks being thrown through his windows.

His son, Alan Kittleman, would step into his father’s political shoes. When a bill to legalize gay marriage in Maryland was being voted on the first time he stepped down as Republican minority leader as the only Republican to vote for it.

Of course, I do live in a blue state. The Kittlemans wouldn’t be the first Republicans in a blue state to be socially moderate. In fact what actually killed the gay marriage bill the first time around were churches in heavy Democrat districts organizing their congregations to contact their representatives.

Can you see why someone living in Maryland might not be sure whether the sky is up or down?

I’ll still continue to vote Republican when a candidate’s platform is a little closer to what I am looking for. I was saddened to see my state vote for fear-mongering Chris Van Hollen over optimistic Kathy Szeliega for Senate. I understand that many people voted for Trump because his own platform appealed to them, especially in regards to foreign policy and economic policy.

But We Love GMOs and Vaccines has always been about two things, sharing information about biotechnology and making fun of those who demonize it. If you don’t think we are going to go after a president that hangs out with Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield….. I just don’t know what to tell you.

For those conservatives who commented in our defense, telling others not to live in an echo chamber, I thank you. Conservatives often criticize liberals for being anti-vaxxers and anti-GMO. Maybe a page seen attacking Trump can reach some of those liberals and break down their cognitive biases a bit. Because even though scientists themselves tend to be liberal, the Democrat politicians seem to think most of their constituents hate GMOs.

These issues need to transcend politics.

And if you are a liberal or a conservative, stop by southern DE and buy my Trump loving father a drink.

Author: Stephan Neidenbach

Stephan Neidenbach is a middle school teacher, husband, and father living in Annapolis, MD. He holds a BS in business administration from Salisbury University and a MS in Instructional Technology from University of Maryland University College. He started and runs the Facebook page We Love GMOs and Vaccines, follow him on twitter @welovegv.